Our Services

  • Audiological Evaluationshearing aids. photo

Complete hearing testing for all ages provided by a doctor of audiology. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measures of speech discrimination ability and, when necessary, assessment of the middle ear function (impedance audiometry), and special testing to determine the location of the dysfunction.


  • Balance & Dizziness: ENG (electronystagmography)

The physician's evaluation of the dizzy patient often requires assessment of the vestibular system. Electronystagmography testing is electrical recording of eye movements caused by positional or caloric stimulation of the inner ear balance structures. The test battery will identify the presence of dizziness or imbalance due to unequal neural messages to the vestibular system.

  • Hearing Aid Sales & Service

Our goal is to solve your communication problems by using professional care, one-on-one attention, and the latest hearing aid technology.  Solving your communication difficulties is a process emphasizing ongoing customized adjustments and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to ensure you receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aids. Repairs are provided on all makes and models with loaner hearing aids available when necessary.


  • Hearing Aid Evaluationshearing aids. photo

We have state-of-the-art equipment and experienced Audiologists who can evaluate your hearing aids. We use special "video otoscopy" equipment to visually monitor your ear canals and ensure proper fit and function of your hearing aids. Combined with the knowledge of our specially trained audiologists, you'll know exactly what it will take to have better hearing health.

  • Assistive Listening Devices

In some cases, hearing aids are not the complete answer to communication difficulties. There are many other devices available to help you in your most difficult listening environments. These devices include television listening systems, special doorbells, vibrating alarm clocks, amplified telephones and mobile phone solutions.

  • Pediatric evaluations- Behavioral and specialty testing
  • Adult evaluations- Audiometry for identifying hearing loss or ear diseases
  • Otoacoustic Emissions- Newborn hearing screening, site of lesion testing
  • Auditory Evoked Response- Retro-cochlear evaluations
  • Auditory Steady State Response- Hearing threshold testing
  • Immitance testing- Middle ear evaluation
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing- Retro-cochlear evaluations
  • Videonystagmography- Balance Testing
  • Hearing instrument prescription
  • Hearing instrument service
  • Visible Speech Mapping to verify hearing aid performance